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Stingers - Largest Pizzas in South Florida
Aside from Pizza and Philly Steak Egg Rolls they do have a nice menu.  Not too ample of a menu and not too small. Consider The Big Bee Burger, Flatbread, Fish Tacos w/Mango Sauce or even a Reuben sandwich. Breakfast is served daily from 8am till noon and weekly specials include Turkey on Mondays, Chopped Steak on Tuesdays, Meat Loaf Wednesdays, Pot Roast Thursdays and of course Fish & Chips on Friday. MSU Alumni go there every Saturday (go Spartis) and $6.95 all you can eat pizza buffet on Tuesday nights.  They really take care of the locals via the Bee club which offers deep discounts such as $5. for a large pizza, $2 drinks, second drink on the house etc.  They also offer delivery till midnight. Give them a try!

Stingers Pizza
1201 So Ocean Blvd.
Pompano Beach, FL 33062