Deep Thoughts by LBTS Magazine Publisher & Editor Mr. Jay Shapiro
  The Key to success in business life is to always keep an open mind to anyone above you and as low as 10% below you. Based on 1.) Values 2.) Production / Mutual Success 3.) Connections and the quality theroff

Jay Shapiro - Thanksgiving 2016 LBTS, FL 33308
It is my belief that humans should be in a constant state of forgiveness! Nobody should EVER wish that someone else be arrested, killed or have any kind of bad luck happen to them. If you are in a constant state of forgiving others how could you? You cannot love yourself until you love the whole and to accept people with their faults is divine. If you like one political candidate over another please say: That candidate is a very great soul as we all are yet I kind of prefer the candidate whom will tax our souls a little less! Lets have more money to enjoy "HEAVEN ON EARTH" Don't you agree?