Rob Ceravolo of Tropic Ocean Airways to Present Keynote Speech at Caribbean Aviation Forum

Rob Ceravolo, CEO of Tropic Ocean Airways, the largest commercial operator of Cessna Caravan EX seaplanes in the world, confirms he will present at the 2nd Annual Caribbean Aviation Meetup in St. Maarten, being held June 13-15. During the event, a factory-new seaplane will be flown in from Tropic Ocean’s base of operations in Fort Lauderdale, FL for demonstrations and splash landings in St. Maarten, Anguilla and Nevis. Mr. Ceravolo will be joined by U.S. aircraft manufacturer Cessna/Textron Aviation, a leader in general aviation and partner of Tropic Ocean, and U.S. float manufacturer Wipaire. The focus of the 2nd Annual Caribbean Aviation Meetup will be on the exchange of experience and lessons learned between leaders in Caribbean aviation. The result being an overall improvement in Caribbean airlift.

Rob Ceravolo will share his experience of growing the airline company into an industry leader since its inception in 2009. Mr. Ceravolo will highlight how his business practices have been shaped by his experience as a veteran Navy fighter pilot and TOP GUN instructor alongside Tropic Ocean Airways’ Director of New Business, Mike Ritzi, who has many years of aviation experience in the Caribbean. Mr. Ritzi looks forward to the event and the opportunity it creates in bringing aligned businesses together. Mr. Ritzi believes, “The meetup will be a platform for improving travel and tourism in the islands of the Caribbean. Reliable airlift is the key to connecting islanders and tourists and serves as a strong contributor to economic growth in the region that we are happy to be a part of.”

The leading seaplane operator got its start in Florida in 2009 with one Cessna 206 seaplane and has grown to a fleet of 11 aircraft, with plans to add an additional five aircraft in the next 12 months. With operations and safety procedures based on best practices of U.S. Navy fighter squadrons, the airline was awarded the Argus Gold Rating for Safety. Additionally, in 2016 Tropic Ocean serviced ~15,000 guests, while achieving a 5-star rating on Trip Advisor, and grew to over 70 employees, expanding their reach to the out islands of The Bahamas the New York region and Cuba. “During this time of expansion for our company, we hope to learn from the Caribbean Aviation Meetup as well as share our experiences with other industry leaders to improve the overall travel safety and experience in the Caribbean,” said Tropic Ocean Airways CEO Rob Ceravolo about the event.

About Tropic Ocean Airways: 
Tropic Ocean Airways is the Eastern United States leading seaplane travel company that offers private charter, scheduled service and cargo services throughout South Florida, the Florida Keys, Bahamas and beyond. The FAA certified air-carrier was founded by Navy TOP GUN fighter pilot Rob Ceravolo in 2009. Since inception, the safety measures have awarded Tropic, the ARGUS gold rating for safety, a perfect record of zero FAA violations and a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor. The premier company has its own in-house maintenance team and facility, along with pilots who bring over 100+ years of combined flying experience in harsh and tropical weather conditions, who work together to deliver the highest level of first-class customer service during each flight. The factory-new seaplane and wheeled caravan aircraft can perform water-based, or runway landings and departures, making Tropic the ideal choice for travel.

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