The Beach is the Healthiest Place in the World to Reside
Benefits from living on the beach do not only stem from the relaxation and good energy of fun in the sun.  There are a host of scientific reasons why beach living is deemed by many as the health conscious mecca of planet earth.  1.) Sand.  Sand is full of minerals and phytochemicals which are great for the healthy flora & fauna in the digestive tract.  The sand also exfoliates the skin and serves as a wonderful endurance training platform for the jogger. Swimming in the sea is beneficial in many ways.  First the water is full of magnesium which 80% of all Americans need more of.  Secondly its great exercise and finally breathing in the salty air helps to purify the lungs and can even assist with people who have asthma and Cystic Fibrosis.  The sunlight at the beach is direct sunlight and the most natural way for the human body to collect sufficient vitamin D.  The air at the beach tends to be cleaner than in other areas based on salt purification and a constant breeze so that the air does not become stagnant.   Its no surprise that the countries and cities with the oldest living people, people whom live to be 110 years old are all beach based locales. Okinawa Japan, Sardinia Italy, Nicoya Costa Rica and Ikaria Greece amongst many others.
hamsa in the sand lbts
Galt Ocean Mile is known as Little Italy of FL and a haven for Mediterranean Diet & Wellness in the Southeast
lbts kabobs Mediterranean food
Are you seeking a place to visit with health benefits, relaxation, fun, partying and release of stress?  Are you from Boston?  If so, Galt Mile and LBTS are the best places to come for a few weeks to party!  This small township is the best place in South Florida for many reasons. 

#1 its inhabitants are from Boston & New Jersey making them fun people who like to drink beer and just have a good time in general. 
#2 try the local Mediterranean restaurants like Keeses for the budget minded and Athena by the Sea for those with slightly deeper pockets.
#3 Yoga by Kate and others
#4 Live Music!  Live music and partying = stress relief, Friday night street dance in season.
#5 Good Herbs - Local people provide good herbs for your food and other things