Gioia Ristorante Italiano Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary by Galt Ocean Mile
Located directly across the street from Galt Ocean Mile this gem is owned by Sicilian chef Pino Marino and located on 33rd Street which is basically the Little Italy area of South Florida.  Curious to see what others said about the restaurant we googled some reviews and found that an ounce of jealousy is sheer stupidity!!!  Gioia reminds me of one of my favorite Italian haunts ever which was Cafe Michelangelo's in Hopkins,  MN by the late Luigi Ganino.  (RIP my friend) a small humble restaurant which seats a max of about 45 people yet could host a party of up to 100 granted sidewalk usage directly in front on the sidewalk.  When I arrived I was greeted with some of the best Italian Espresso I've ever had.  Was it LavAzza?  I don't know and did not want to ask out of fear of being offensive.  The walls are adorned with pics of Italian and Italian-American celebrities from the time era when black & white photos were only a few years in advance of the advent of color photography.  Service is fast and the brunette waitress is not only super friendly but friendly on the eyes as well.  The word Gioia in Italian means "Joy" and the biggest joy in the restaurant must be the food.  We sampled Polenta con Funghi which was so pungent that we were wondering if truffle oil was infused in the Shrooms?  The Capri salad must have been made with Olio Verde or another quality EVOO.  Soon as I saw the fresh bright RED tomatoes (organic?) and tasted the oil I knew right then and there that they spend good money on the ingredients.  The Cotoletto VealE was breaded perfectly and had just the right amount of pepper!  mmmm....  can hardly wait to return
Arubas Offers up Award Winning Seafood & Live Caribbean Island Music Daily
The half lobster in the picture on the left was only $12.95 and was overstuffed and served with a side of drawn butter.  When it comes to seafood there is no finer seafood place around with such a festive atmosphere. The Chef Mr. Chris Nealon has worked & inspired creation there for 27 years and has spent close to 40 years creating winning seafood dishes in the region and on some of our well known local yachts. Chris tops this off with being the 1st place winner at the Fort Lauderdale Seafood Festival.  If you love seafood and Island music then you will be in Paradise at Arubas.  The live music runs the gamut from Jimmy Buffet, to Steel Drums and even some Reggae.  If its dancing and nightlife you're after, you are in luck because not only do they play Island music from 10pm they include a mix of: 80's music, classic rock, salsa, merengue, reggae and popular music. The crowd that attends tends to be about 60% white-American and 40% latin and an international crowd on vacation.  Many Brazilian ladies love to host their bachelorette parties there,  people from Chile, Colombia and Peru tend to come dancing there on Saturday nights.  We at Galt Magazine think that they must have some reciprocal marketing agreements with the Spanish speaking concierge association and local hotel society because the number of them who attend on Friday and Saturday nights is just incredible.  If you like going out and meeting friendly people to dance with from other countries including Asia and Latin America then you will LOVE Arubas.  Not only is it a family safe place to party but they do have police on staff all the time.  The local Sheriff at Arubas is Dan and he is a great guy! 
Visit Arubas at: 1 Commercial Blvd. Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL 33308

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Seasoned Restaurateur Vincent Foti Opens Vincent's by the Sea on Commercial Blvd.
Located West of Mulligans and on the opposite side of the street from Grill 101, Vinnie's by the Sea is a home run for LBTS considering the fare it offers and the way it pairs with the local residents and tourists whom tend to be from New England & Maryland.  Vinny Foti is no new issue when it comes to the restaurant business. His Kitchenetta brand was launched on Federal Hwy in 20014 and has received awards and accolades from the Miami-Herald, Il Giornale and many others.  The restaurant itself has some things in common with its predecessor; mainly the sparse cleanly interior and open pipe ceiling. Both restaurants share a sort of luxury fusion of industrial and Italian d├ęcor.  Vincent's if mainly a seafood restaurant and cocktail lounge and their pride and joy are the oysters.  We sampled: Malpeque oysters from Prince Edward Island in Canada, Blue Points from Connecticut and the famed Fat Boys from Long Island, the Malpeques were our favorite for consistency and salinity yet not quite as large as the others.  Vincents is THE PLACE for oyster aficionados! If your seeking Italian food this is not exactly the place to go but if you're seeking Italian-American entertainment go there on Wednesday nights from 7-10pm where crooner Tony Martelli performs the best of Sinatra and variety music. And for a seafood bar with Italian-owners,  I must admit its quite interesting that they have the best margaritas in South Florida!
Tony Martilli - crooner in lauderdale-by-the-sea
Lauderdale by the Sea Magazine - Italian and American Flags at Vinny's by the Sea LBTS